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I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in June 2009. I began my wonderful career teaching first grade shortly thereafter, in August 2009. In June 2016, I completed my Masters with the focus in Reading grades K-6th grade. This will be my seventh year utilizing a blog and hope that it will provide parents with another avenue to view their child's accomplishments throughout the school year.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Measuring and More

What a great week!  We began our measuring unit in Math, completed our Personal Narrative books in Writer's Workshop, read some great books, and did fun activities relating to polar animals and Chinese New Year!  Here are some photos that show what a great week we had!

We worked with a partner as we measured fish to determine if they were long enough to be a keeper.

Our student of the week from last week.

We watched and listened to an on-line book about Chinese New Year.

We created our own fish and determined how long it needed to be to be a keeper.

How cute is this turtle pointer a student made me?

We shared our Personal Narrative books.

We measured distances in the classroom using kid steps.

Our student of the week shared!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Short Week

Even though I only have two photos to share, we really accomplished a lot this week!  The students were engaged during our learning of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  We read some great books and had wonderful discussions!  We wrapped up our data unit and began our measuring unit in Math...I will remember to take photos of some of the fun measurement activities next week.  We read the book The Biggest, Best Snowman by Marger Cuyler and completed a text-to-self connections paper (thank you to Mrs. Langston).

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Let it Snow!

We had our first glimpse of the season into the unpredictability of snow!  Those meteorologists really had me thinking we would experience a delay at the very least...  Oh well, it was certainly beautiful as it fell.
Here are a few photos that captured some of the activities we did this past week:

We conducted a science experiment using Borax detergent, hot water, and pipe cleaners.  I just love day 2 when students observe what happened to their snowflakes overnight!  I kinda of forgot to snap photos during the experiment, but at least can show the final result! :)

We read two on-line books:  The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats and Snowy Weather Days by Katie Marcise.

We began writing in our Good Sentences book.

We continued to show what we can do in Literacy Stations.

We conducted our own class surveys and then made a representation of the data collected.

Our student of the week shared!

I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year

It seems as if everyone had a wonderful winter break!  I know it is difficult getting back to the school routine; especially the waking up to an alarm part. We had a great week back.  As I looked at photos I took this week, I seemed to have only remembered to take pictures during Math this week.  We also did a great Science lesson that I forgot to capture with photos...like I said, it is difficult getting back to the school routine!

 We made a New Year's resolution on a 2012 party hat.
We answered the survey question:  'What time did you go to sleep on New Year's Eve?'
After analyzing the data, we noticed we had quite a few night owls!

 We selected an attribute of a group of buttons and sorted the buttons based on that attribute.
 We then had to show our sort on paper in a way that anyone walking into our classroom would know how we sorted.

We played a fun game, 'Guess My Rule'.  
We used shells, power polygons, buttons, and bears.

Our Student of the Week!