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I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in June 2009. I began my wonderful career teaching first grade shortly thereafter, in August 2009. In June 2016, I completed my Masters with the focus in Reading grades K-6th grade. This will be my seventh year utilizing a blog and hope that it will provide parents with another avenue to view their child's accomplishments throughout the school year.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Time for Harvest and Lots More!

Whew, last week seemed to fly right by!  After downloading all the photos I took, it became obvious why it felt that way!  We attended an assembly with Firefighter Phil, published and shared our Pattern Books in Writer's Workshop, shared our Shapes Posters, had a Harvest Celebration, and attended an assembly for our school's fundraiser!  Here are just a sampling of the photos I took this week:

Firefighter Phil

We shared how we sorted our shapes.

We shared our published Writer's Workshop books.

 We read an -in word family poem,
highlighted all of the -in words, and then...
we found them again on our own.

 Apple and Pumpkin Weighing Station
 Apple Glyph Station

 Tasting and Graphing Station
Pumpkin Craft Station

Mr. Lovell getting us pumped for the fundraiser!

Our Student of the Week!

What a Far-Out week!
Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers that helped make the Harvest Celebration such a success.  
This week is shaping up to be just as fun ~ Monday is Guests for Lunch, Tuesday and Thursday nights are conferences, all week is Book Fair (will be open on conference nights as well as after lunch on Monday), and turn in money for 5 cards by November 4th and qualify to play in a kickball game against the first grade teachers and office staff!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wonderful Wizard of Oz

We had a great time at the play Wizard of Oz.  I must admit, it brought back a lot of great childhood memories for me!  I don't think I stopped smiling during the entire performance.  
We also had the School House Symphony visit us on Tuesday. 
 I was able to capture some of these great moments:

School House Symphony

Sawyer Point and Taft Theater
(First four rows!)

Student of the Week!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Outstanding October

What an outstanding week we had this week!  I have been meeting with students for Guided Reading while the rest of the class work at their assigned Literacy Stations and the students have done an amazing job showing what they 'Can Do' during this time!  We have also been working on our second unit in Writer's Workshop, had some of Miami Township's finest firefighters visit, our Student of the Week shared, and we donated $13 to the Koren War Memorial.
I was able to take photos to capture some of these great events:

We shared our Writer's Workshop book with a partner.

We listened to and learned from firefighters.

Some of us wore a silly hat!

Our Student of the Week shared!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Staying Healthy

Seems as if we have passed around some yucky stuff in room 109 lately.  Once it gets you, it certainly is no fun! Please congratulate your child on a job well done while I was down and out!  They are really showing what capable first graders they have become.

Even though I was down and out for a couple of days, I managed to capture a few things from the week:

We played an activity called Pattern-Block Fill-Ins.

Picture Day ~ Twinzees

Our Student of the Week!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Observing Our World

We finally got outside this week and students observed what they saw, heard, felt, and smelled.  It was a wonderful experience!  We also had fourth grade students visit our class to measure us and we published and shared our first books in Writer's Workshop.  What a great week!!!

Scientists at work!

Fourth grade students measuring and collecting data.

Sharing our Writer's Workshop books.

Student of the Week!