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I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in June 2009. I began my wonderful career teaching first grade shortly thereafter, in August 2009. This is my fourth year utilizing a blog and hope that it will provide parents with another avenue to view their child's accomplishments throughout the school year.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Summer of Briana

Happy Summer!  As you can see, I typically don't post much in the summer months.  This summer has been no exception.  It is amazing how much there is to do for your child their senior year of high school.  Since that's what has taken up almost all of my time since school has let out, I thought I'd dedicate this post to my wonderful daughter, Briana.
She turned 18!
Graduated Cum Laude!
Briana helped arrange the Youth Programs annual banquet.
Typically, about 175 guests are in attendance.
 Briana making her senior speech.
 Briana received a Leadership Award!
We spent lots & lots of time getting our house ready
and decorations made for Briana's graduation party.

My proud accomplishment ~ the centerpieces!
 Scott's proud accomplishment ~ our new turtle pond!

We've wrapped up our Summer of Briana this week with a two day orientation at UC.  What a great summer it has been thus far! :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as well.  Please don't forget to log your child's reading at www.reading-rewards.com & utilize ScootPad.com.

Last, for anyone interested in learning more about the Museum Center's Youth Programs:

Sunday, June 1, 2014

End of the Year

What a great year we had in room 105!  Thank you so much to all of you for making this year such a great success.  If you like any of the photos on the blog, hopefully you have noticed if you right click on the one you like, you can save it.  Here are some photos from our final week in first grade:
End of the Year Expert
 Published Books
Field Day Fun!
Loving Lunch in the Classroom

Remember to keep reading over the summer!  I'll 'see' you at reading-rewards.com.

Have a great and safe summer!


Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Family's Visit

This was the first year that my entire family came at the same time to teach us about turtles.  Their presentation was a huge it with all of the first graders!  I'm not going to lie, I am one lucky woman!!!  Students also did an amazing job presenting their ocean animals projects.  
Here are some photos from our week:
How cute is this?
 She wanted to see how she would look standing next to my son! :)

Our Turtles!
Ocean Animal Projects
Sharing Our Writing
 Last Week's Student of the Week
 Student of the Week